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Giving your yacht unparalleled exposure through quality content

The YACHTSFORSALE YouTube channel is totally unique. It is the only YouTube channel currently available that offers television style, quality documentary and promotional videos of yachts and yacht builders. 

Yacht buyers, industry professionals and the general public have high expectations from video content. It is not enough to show beautiful images and have a pleasant background music. People want to see and hear somebody talking about the yacht with conviction and passion, they want to learn, they want to be engaged on some level whether that be emotionally, intellectually, or both. 

YACHTSFORSALE satisfies that demand by producing content that follows the same principles as popular car and property TV Shows; entertaining and engaging the viewers whilst at the same time providing positive information about the yacht and the builder. 

You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on video content and produce Hollywood quality films, but if nobody watches, it is a waste of time and money. To gain exposure you need a high quality distribution platform. And YACHTSFORSALE YouTube channel is just that. 



Boat international / OceanCo / Burgess

When the world’s best known yachting publication teams up with a huge brokerage to film the largest yacht that one of the most recognised builders have ever built… the result should be astonishing, right? Wrong…

BI’s video of “Jubilee” received just 1,500 views in the first month of being published. 

Compare this with YACHTSFORSALE’s engaging video of the 1983 Feadship “Illusion”, that received 6,000 views in the first 24 hours alone, and almost 20,000 views in the first week. 

The Boat Show / Ferretti

The Boat Show was a television channel long before YouTube cam along, and they now use the YouTube platform to great effect, with over 100,000 subscribers watching their yacht reviews. With this background, they should be receiving many more views than the YachtsForSale channel. But they do not. 

The Boat Show’s video review of a Ferretti 850 received 32,000 views in 7 months of being transmitted. 

At the same time, YACHTSFORSALE published a video of Palmer Johnson 120 called “Izumi”. This video has received 380,000 views in exactly the same time period. 

Camper & Nicholsons / Palmer Johnson / Breed Media

As one of the world’s best known brands it seems appropriate that Camper & Nicholsons would engage Breed Media for a big budget promotional video with extensive use of super models on board the eye-catching Palmer Johnson “Kalilah”. In spite of what must have been an eye watering budget, the video received just 375 views in 10 days of being published. 

Every video that YACHTSFORSALE has published this year has received at least 500 views in the first hour. 



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